What is the difference between a large and small space?

Opinions vary on the answer to this question. We like to think of a small space user as any company with an office space need that is 3,000 square feet or less. A medium space user has a space need … Continue reading

My broker doesn’t have much experience; should I be worried?

The answer to this question depends on the size of your lease. If your plans call for a large space with a long lease term, then your broker’s experience is a very important consideration. On the other hand, if you … Continue reading

Now that I’ve hired a broker, what should I expect from him/her?

A broker is like any other service professional. You should expect them to represent your interests, to give you good advice and to help you through the first phase of the leasing process; that is helping you determine how much … Continue reading

What is the best way to select a broker?

There is no one best way to select a broker, but there are several things to avoid: Don’t choose a broker without first checking client references Understand what properties, if any, a broker has listed that could create a potential … Continue reading

Is finding a space without hiring a broker a good idea?

Generally speaking, the answer is no. You as the tenant enter into a lease once every so often. A broker negotiates for space on a daily basis. Would you go into an IRS audit without having your CPA by your … Continue reading

What is a representation letter and should I sign one?

A representation letter is something a tenant rep broker will ask you to sign. It has several purposes. First and foremost, it demonstrates your commitment. Once the tenant rep broker has that letter from you, they know that are much … Continue reading

How can I put myself in a priority position with leasing agents?

There are two primary reasons leasing agents do not return calls. One is that they are too busy and the space you are interested in is simply too small and the other is that they perceive you to be a … Continue reading

How do I hire a broker?

The best way to get a broker to work for you is to hire them as your exclusive tenant representative. Most brokers have representation letters for you to sign and once they know that you are committed to them, they … Continue reading

How much does it cost to use a broker?

Most brokers will tell you that their service is free; their fee is paid by the landlord and it doesn’t cost you, the tenant, anything. Generally, we agree with this statement. To understand why a broker may not always be … Continue reading

Whom does a broker work for?

Brokers generally work in two capacities, as listing agents or as tenant reps.  Some of the brokers if not most, do both, meaning that they have property listings and they also work as a tenant rep. If you are working … Continue reading

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