Now that I’ve hired a broker, what should I expect from him/her?

A broker is like any other service professional. You should expect them to represent your interests, to give you good advice and to help you through the first phase of the leasing process; that is helping you determine how much space you need, what are your most important selection criteria, and then finding and negotiating for the space that best meets your needs. Don’t be afraid to ask your broker all kinds of questions. Know how much money your broker is going to make on your lease. That will help you determine just how demanding you can be and how much work you should expect. Remember that your broker doesn’t get paid unless a lease is signed, therefore their primary aim will be to make the transaction happen. No matter which broker you hire to represent you, the person who cares most about your interests is you. Ask questions, know your options. Make sure your broker understands what is important to you in the lease negotiation.

Posted in: Leasing Commercial Real Estate

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